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  1. dalton101

    My Best Friends Fine Ass Brother

    Back in High School my gay best friend & I were inseparable. He’s definitely the one who introduced me into the world I live today! My friend had this fine ass younger brother, fit AF, tall dark & handsome. He and his brother shared a room and his brother had a bigger bed so when I stayed over I...
  2. I

    Photos & Videos Logan wodzynski ( pierson wodzynski's Brother)

    HI guys, he is kinda nerdy and hot at the same time.
  3. Q

    Fabi und Phil (fabiundphil), German TikTokers

    Fabi and Phil are two German tiktokers and brothers. They're so hot! Does anyone have more of them?
  4. B

    Bored, always horny college guy

    As the title says I have a very large libido. 21 YO college guy. Fit. 7” cock. Cut. I’ll discuss talk about anything. Hmu for whatever! Also looking for a big brother to lookout for me and chat with. Hmu with applications ;) other than that pretty chill. Always down for receiving dick pics haha...
  5. N

    Show wanna snap?

    What’s your usernames
  6. ChocolateExhibitionist91

    Did You Grow Up Where Male Nudity was Commonplace With Your Dad/Brothers/Uncles/Cousins?

    I've seen threads like this posted before, but they've all ended so long ago and I kinda wanted to start it up again, so let's get it! I grew up in a very conservative family, parents are divorced, and I have one sibling who's my older brother. My mother raised us cause our dad wasn't around...
  7. PauloLeiT3

    Photos & Videos Biel Laporte & Fael Laporte

    Algo desses irmãos gostosos? ❤️‍
  8. I

    Alexa, My Married Brother & Mystery Woman (Erotic Fiction)

    This is all fiction inspired by something similar that happened to my Friend (I don't have any siblings) but written in 'forum post' format. Hi everyone, As the title says, I've recently discovered that my older Brother Dennis is cheating on his wife Kayleigh. He's been with his spouse...
  9. E

    looking for str8 and corious brothers to trade

    I need long term str8 brothers willing to jerkoff and share with me, im not looking for a cumming buddy, im looking for a friend, add me on sc: unknown22th
  10. D

    Porn Stars That Give Off A Big Bro Vibe?

    Forgive the oddly specific question. I've been working on a project (porn-related obviously) and I was looking for a porn star that could fill a "big brother" role. Someone younger, college-aged, cute/handsome but also gives off a lil' bit of a bad boy vibe? Someone with a lot of material out...
  11. L


    Something about those two twins? OnlyFans Red hot chili Twins
  12. H

    Willy, Hausofwilliam, Gaydayjob

    Dedicated thread to paul cannons brother lol
  13. 7

    My Brother Wears Sweatpants With No Underwear

    Hi Guys, I live with my mum and dad and 3 brothers, one of my brothers always wears sweatpants with no underwear. Even if we are going out, I can see the full definition of his cock. I’m gay but not out but also want to tell him that I can see his dick, but don’t want him to think why is he...
  14. Lost cover

    Brotherly Love

    Hi All If you have or had a Brother round the same age as you, did you do any experimenting with them such as jerk off together or had a 3way with the partner etc. What were your highlights in these moments and would do it again. i would imagine it would be a good brother bonding moment...
  15. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    What's Your Opinion On Onlyfans?

    I've just discovered my straight, admittedly hot tradie older brother has decided to create an 'Onlyfans' to earn an extra bit of income. I don't know whether to feel proud of my bro or slightly aghast but I'm choosing to go the fist bump route. How would you feel about a relative doing...
  16. F

    Id This Straight Male Porn Star Please!

    Ive literally been trying to find out his name for months with no success. I’ve only been able to find three videos of him all under the Ashley Fires category modern family taboo. If anyone knows who this is or has success finding pornstars names please share here. It’s so upsetting that some...
  17. BassettChalmetHolland

    Harry Holland