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  1. M

    Help me to find a video

    Hello guys! Pls help me to find this video or actos pls?!
  2. Kafka_rising

    Big cock in Hungary?

    If you are hung, and you want to be my host in Hungary next week, send me a message.
  3. M

    Anything On Colombian Guy @germanhenao And His Bf?

    I'm a latino living in Budapest and I'm so into Germán (https://www.instagram.com/germanhenao/), he is not so well known or anything but he does travel a lot, goes to Circuit parties and is friends with some of Europe's hot guys so maybe any of you have something from him. His boyfriend is...
  4. A

    Gay Life In Budapest

    Hi all, Recently I have been accepted to ELTE University and I was wondering how is gay life in Budapest and is it worth to come to Budapest as a gay man? :D Thank you for you answers in advance!
  5. S

    Possible To Give Someone A Wank Or Maybe More For 1 Night Stay?

    Hi. I’d like to travel but I want to save the accommodation cost. I wonder if any of you guys have done it, like offering someone a wank (or something more) in exchange for 1 night stay. Does anyone have any experience? I'm going to be in Budapest and Krakow for a few nights, so would be nice...
  6. S

    Visiting Budapest / Krakow Soon. Anyone?

    Hi. I'll be visiting Budapest & Krakow in the next 3 weeks. Does anyone want to host me?
  7. L

    Visiting budapest in july

    Any locals or anyone visiting wanna meet up and grab a beer? Message me and lets talk.