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  1. L

    Hidden Camera

    was the thread deleted?
  2. S

    Filming sex

    I'm keen for either me or my partner to film our sex, however, they want me to "sell it to them". Not necessarily against the idea, but they want to understand my reasons, and I was curious whether other people film, and feel the same way about the reasons why they want to? I'd love to have...
  3. bastiankydd

    Tips On Taking Better Nudes

    Hey all! So many great photos in this forum and id love to share some of me, but I can't seem to get a good shot. I have like only 10 pics that I send to guys when wanting to hookup and I think I should have more, better ones even. If you have any tips such as: Phone, laptop, webcam or...
  4. M


    Hey Guys! Let's post here videos/pictures/GIFs of cameran-operators/photographers etc. joining in to the scenes, having fun or "helping" their models or just trying to test their boundaries. Let's post only real and unscripted stuff that isn't designed to look like this like certain...
  5. M

    Video Please Help Me Id Him!

    I've been looking for other videos from this guy, he's super attractive. Any idea who he is?
  6. Lost cover

    Online Shows

    Hey. Has anyone or does anyone here go to the CHATURBATE website. If so whats your interests on there and have you ever broadcasted yourself. I have a few times but was very nervous at the start but no so bad especially wen people gove ypu tokens/coins.
  7. Pecchio92

    Name Him

    Does anyone know the name of this cameraboys model?
  8. A

    Cyber Voyeurism In Porn

    Just discovered I have a thing for cyber voyeurism (spy cam, surveillance, 2-way mirror, virtual reality, etc.) ... It's not something that, as far as I'm aware, can or should be explored in real life, but something about it really turns me on while watching porn. If you have any...