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  1. S

    Filming sex

    I'm keen for either me or my partner to film our sex, however, they want me to "sell it to them". Not necessarily against the idea, but they want to understand my reasons, and I was curious whether other people film, and feel the same way about the reasons why they want to? I'd love to have...
  2. H


    Hi, i am thinking to sign up for rec-tube for a month. Just wanna check with anyone who signed up before whether is the member subscription a one-time payment or will the payment auto-recur every month? Thank you.
  3. Arabella19x

    Sw Sales

    Sw sales humiliation, photos, videos, chats and used items
  4. needtonut

    Porn Preference

    As a bi man, I enjoy watching gay porn that involves straight guys or scenes that involved men and women. Two ladies together do nothing for me. Just wondering what kind of porn a straight man prefers the most or what type of live cams you enjoy.
  5. R

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