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  1. Ottawotter

    Nathaniel Bacon Naked Huge Cock!

    i saw this hot actor in a play where he was naked years ago and was obsessed with his HUGE dick. Finally got my hands on a nude from behind the scenes on kids in the hall. FUCK!
  2. C

    Matthew Knight

    Matthew Knight is a Canadian actor who starred in My Babysitter is a Vampire. Any hot news from him?
  3. G

    Ahn Hyo-seop

    Ahn Hyo-seop is a great actor and singer. His recent outing, Business Proposal (netflix) is so cute and amazing. He’s perfect as Kang Tae-Mu
  4. L

    Alex Mallari Jr.

    Anyone has anything on this gorgeous man? He is a Canadian actor, appearing in Workin' Moms and The Adam Project
  5. N

    Max Chevalier anyone find him?

    Always been in love this muscular hunk can’t seem to find any social media of him anywhere, anyone know where he is? I believe he’s in Canada but that’s all I know. I’d hire him in a heart beat
  6. C

    Christopher Russell

    Anything on this Canadian hunk?
  7. B

    Jacob Ingham

  8. J

    David Alvarez (actor)

    David Alvarez-Gonzalez (born May 11, 1994) is a Canadian dancer and actor of Cuban origins, best known for roles in Billy Elliot the Musical, American Rust, and as Bernardo in 2021's West Side Story. There are not many shirtless photos yet, but the ones that exist are very hot. In other words...
  9. B

    Nick Easterbrook

    Tried looking for OF or nude stuff but found nothing . Instagram Tiktok
  10. N

    Top Pops / Tristan Canadian Youtuber

    I think he's cute, bulges occasionally, and shows off his ass far too little! I can't be the only one who likes him :joy:
  11. D

    Damien Robitaille (musician/youtube)

    Canadian Singer Songwriter Since this is the place to share our craziness towards guys, I'm really into him. He is a Ted Lasso kind of guy: a wholesome cute hot daddy with a mustache. I love it. His last video with a blue tight Lycra short. Just loved it. I love his energy, his smile...
  12. G

    Photo Shawn Finnigan

  13. PoetMalaki

    Photos & Videos Darren Mann - Canadian Actor

    Canadian eyecandy
  14. H

    Charles-étienne Huard

    Anything about this boy Ig: https://www.instagram.com/charlesetienne/ Tiktok: TikTok
  15. N

    Damon Fryer

    I haven’t seen a thread anywhere on the internet about Damon but I’ve always been stunned by how hot Damon Fryer from the YouTube channel DailyDrivenExotics is. If anyone else finds the same fascination comment on this thread!
  16. B

    Jedson Tavernier

    He’s a amateur model on Insta and he was recently on Big Brother Canada. He was a former semi Pro basketball player. Any more?
  17. C

    Taylor Comeau: 6’3 Tall Canadian Bodybuilder

    I couldn’t find a thread on Taylor so I decided to create one. He’s 6ft3in and roughly 245 lbs. Here’s his TikTok TikTok
  18. P

    Damian Romeo

    Anyone have nudes from Matt ( Ginny and Georgia ) huge thirst trap on IG
  19. A

    Thibault Geoffray French Canadian Insta Coach

    This stud deserves to be here ... hopefully we can find some hot content
  20. H

    Damon Pierce

    This guy is super hot and steadily gaining a following on insta... was wondering if anyone had anything on him?
  21. Canadian124

    Edmonton Alberta?

    I know I've seen some old posts doing a roll call to see who else might be in Edmonton or Alberta. Just looking to see if there are many active users still on here from YEG.
  22. F


    Here is a guy for you all to enjoy.... His name is Dakota and his IG name is; @daksthetics
  23. J

    Canadian Nudes

    What are your favourite Canadian nudes? Not famous or anything just regular guys and insta etc
  24. T

    The Next Step Cast Fake Nudes

    A thread for fake nudes of the cast from the Canadian TV show "The Next Step".
  25. R

    Photos & Videos Of - Anton6923

    Sexy Anton6923 OF OF - Anton6923 Twitter - https://twitter.com/anton_zim23 Instagram - ️‍ @canadianguy23
  26. 6

    Video Any Info About This Video?

    I've been looking for info about this video for a long time now. I still don't lose hope lol. Any info about this video? https://thegay.com/videos/84070/rough-gay-face-fuck/ Any help is appreciated!!
  27. C


    Anyone got anything on tik tok guy/model coltonisbatman? Same username on IG
  28. G

    Etienne Audet

    Canadian hottie
  29. theo_smago

    Photo Hotococalot

    Hotcocalot seems to have vanished from Cam4. Does anyone have anything?