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  1. I

    Photo Josh Murray Actor

    Have you seen this hot daddy, Josh Murray? Yum! He is not only an actor, but is now a health & wellness coach. I think it is one of those businesses where you get friends to join and stuff. But, it might be a way to meet this yummy, yummy guy!
  2. fireice42

    Austin Theory and John Cena

    WWE star, Austin Theory was dumb struck. He'd just got the news that he'd be going to Japan with the WWE for one of their shows. Unfortunately, Austin didn't get to pick who his roommate was; The WWE did that for him. Anyway, he was just glad to be going. After the couple of months, he'd...
  3. fireice42

    Cena and Meloni - Who Have The Best Ass

    {Freddie Stroma co-starring with john cena in the TV series Peacemaker. he's so excited, he is so happy to be working with john cena. behind the scenes they always be joking and laughing and they hang out together. Freddie always has been a huge fan of John Cena, him being in the WWE his...
  4. E

    Óscar Medellín

    Anything on this Mexican hottie?
  5. Power8X

    Derek Chadwick(New Thread)

    I'm creating this new thread page for him because this other thread Derek chadwick has been locked for some time now from some complaints and there's so much we're missing from him right now; especially today right now on what he just posted on his IG! So please come to this page and please be...
  6. B

    What happened to Liam's Society?

    Does anyone know what happened to this guy? I knew he had a few channels (PornHub/Xvideos) where he would post his stuff, but it looks like he just disappeared.
  7. muskyyy

    Photos & Videos Celebrities Armpits

  8. Dennis_Thomas_2023

    Celebrity Assortments (Photos, GIFs and Videos)

    Hello Members! I wanted this to be a place of postings, replies, shared experiences and most of all photos and videos of our favourite celebrities over the ages! Join in and let's build something amazing together! Let's cum together ;)
  9. C

    Lharby Policarpio @iamlarbs on IG

    Anyone has more of him?
  10. fireice42


    John slung his bag over his shoulder before heading toward the exit of the gym. He didn't feel like a workout anymore, especially not when Masters was going to be there the whole time, grinning and gloating. As he stormed from the building Cena took a moment to try and regain his composure, the...
  11. S

    Chris Pratt fakes

    here are some pratt fakes I made. I like it when fakes take the original image and edit a dick onto the body instead of putting the face on another body. If anyone has fakes please reply.
  12. ArmageddonAshir

    Brandon Grace

    He's this cute 20-something newcomer actor starring in the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga. He is definitely a hunk but mostly handsome.
  13. fireice42

    Gerald Downey

  14. L


    Les photos les plus hots de YannTuFanes (principalement de son insta), Si vous avez plus, hésitez pas à ajouter.
  15. D

    Dee Will Skit

    Anybody have anything on him? It’s obviously big as hell with the prints he shows and posts like this that he teases. He funny as hell too. IG: Deewillskits4 Snap: Dwillaintshit
  16. J

    Black Male Celebrities (Athletes,Singers,Rappers,Actors,Etc)

    The urban Black Male Celebrity Thread This thread is dedicated to Black Athletes,Singers,Rappers,Actors Wesley Snipes
  17. A

    Tomasz Fornal

    Any nudes from Tomasz Fornal from Poland Volleyball team?
  18. S

    Anyone remember "Straight Guido Cherry Pop" from MaverickMen?

    Straight Guido Cherry Pop! For those that forgot. He was my doctor in Bakersfield/Lancaster CA!
  19. A

    Duncan Robinson NBA Player Miami Heat

    Hi All, Anybody have any pics of Duncan Robinson to share? Some users on Reddit said there was a snapchat video floating around at some point of him in the shower or locker room from his William & Mary days. Thought he should have his own thread for appreciation.
  20. P

    Kane Brown

    I’m not sure how this hasn’t happened yet, but this country hotty needs his own thread. Am I alone in this?!
  21. T

    Photos & Videos Jalen Green

    Anything on his fine ass
  22. C

    Book of Queer (tv show)

    Anyone have anything on this cast? Mostly the guy Nate who plays Lincoln and the guy riley who plays all his boyfriends in first episode
  23. L

    Chet Hanks?

    Saw him on Ziwe and found he has an 0F. Any good? Anything out there on him? Surprised he doesn’t already have a thread!
  24. Jovannie1990


    Have you noticed when an actor in the porn industry looks like an actor on television? For example, I find a great resemblance between Malec and Tyler Hoechlin. They two look like brothers.
  25. C

    Conrad Ricamora

    I can't believe we don't have a thread yet dedicated to this hottest cute geeky guy around! I first found out about him from How to Get Away with Murder, and he's also done a bunch of smaller musical productions. I just thought about him again cause he was just announced as one of the leads in...
  26. D

    Thistlewaites Hetrosexual Thread - Sex Scenes, Sex Tapes, Celebrity And Porn Space - (Urban And Ethnic Only)

    Nude/Sexy pictures, GIFs, video links and videos are all welcome. Porn, television and film love scenes or sex tapes all welcome! Please name the actors involved and the scene name etc if you post. Thank you in advance, have fun!
  27. fireice42

    Ricard Balada

  28. M

    Rapper Kid Ink

    There hasn’t been a thread about The rapper Kid Ink yet, does anyone have good photos or gifs of him?
  29. E

    Ezra Sosa!

    Heyyyy, does anyone have anything in Ezra Sosa?
  30. 3

    Photo UFC Fighter Alexander Hernandez

    I totally have a thing for this man, very twinky and young-looking, but also absolutely ripped and muscle-bound. If anyone else shares finds him hot, feel free to post!