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  1. B

    Video What Is The Name Of This Inked Top?

    Can someone id the name of this hunky top? He had great chemistry with the bottom when fucking him in this clip. Thanks! Anal Bareback Gay Porn GIF by sharteisha
  2. Daniel0424

    Abe & Charley - Sean Cody

    Hey. I just wanted to create a threat for this scene because is for real one of my favorites ones. The chemistry between both of them is so high and they look like thy were having the time of their lives. Not to mention that Abe came 4 times. So, what do you think of this scene? Do you think...
  3. Leghunter

    Physical Attractiveness And Quality Of Sex?

    I doubt this has been explored here before. The question is, do you find better sex with girls that are highly physically attractive (considered 8 and above), or average looking girls? In my experience, chemistry always plays a massive role. Some of my most intense sex was with girls who...