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chubby gay

  1. BigDaveJr93

    Hi! 28 Gay Chub brand new here

    Hey, big guy (5'9" 410lbs) from Independence, MO here. Never been on these sites before so if I don't respond, I do apologize as I've not quite got things figured out yet. But I left some pictures for people to enjoy, hopefully this'll be a good step towards something good.
  2. R

    dating when you are a chubby guy

    hi i am a black chubby lad and I have been single for a few years to be honest i have given up dating because i felt not desired for the right reason but more of a fetich for some blocks because of my weight or my skin. I just want someone to want me for me, just quirky self and shyness. I am...
  3. K

    Photo Mortonbud93/mortonbud12/martynjames

    Hey LPSG users, does anyone have any videos/pics of this guy, he stopped posting 2017? and i miss him, i probably know the reason but i wish there was more videos on the internet than him with w*ll, feel free to share in the thread
  4. J

    Chub - Austin, Tx

    Hi guys. Chub bottom in Austin looking for any fun, I’m open to anything (as long as I feel comfortable of course). Hit me up! Twitter: @andyasssss Kik: @posandres Skype: live:.cid.76583b645a1cb15e
  5. bobbbyd000

    Adriantrejochubby Onlyfans

    Does anyone know where he has his videos from onlyfans? OnlyFans https://twitter.com/adriantrejof/status/1275496833578565633 https://twitter.com/adriantrejof/status/1280907001292378115
  6. D

    Chubby Guys

    I wanna see some chub love under this thread !! reply with pics of your naked self
  7. Fabian813

    Chub Only Fans

    Hey everyone let’s post threads of chubs only fans It’s free here’s one onlyfans.com/chublad818
  8. D

    Snapchat Megalist

    Anyone who’s chubby / likes chubby guys. let me know if you want to be added. my username on snap is camluvsmusic
  9. D

    Chubby Guys

    3705101i wanna see some love to the thicc guys on here