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  1. L

    Whatsapp Groups And Contacts List

    Hey guys, Post any WhatsApp group chat links (with description) or contact here !!!
  2. J

    Circle Jerk Videos

    Besides some really old videos, i can't seem to find many circle jerk videos, or frankly im just bad at searching! I find it really hot watching a group of guys just jerking off, having fun, but not necessarily physically interacting with eachother. Guys that are straight (or act the part)...
  3. hunglad94

    London city lads group

    Hey, are there any curious London City guys here that would like to meet like-minded people? Thought to create this thread for curious young lads working in the City, like myself, who would be interested in meeting after a busy day at work or on a weekend for a circle jerk. Could also just go...