1. jw_kk_hw

    Masturbation joy!

    A thread dedicated to the joyous pleasure of masturbation, in all its forms. Coconut oil on hot, hard cock is exquisite.
  2. What do you think of my dick?

    What do you think of my dick?

  3. H

    Circumcision status of countries

    Hey all, always been interested in circ status of countries! from Australia here and most younger guys are u mncut almost 70% but there is a growing trend that more are getting cut now. what’s it like in your countries
  4. not wearing playboy boxers for nothing

    not wearing playboy boxers for nothing

  5. hunk army tee

    hunk army tee

  6. selfies his dick in the warehouse

    selfies his dick in the warehouse

  7. jack of all trades

    jack of all trades

  8. retro hungster

    retro hungster

  9. C

    Photo Rate my Cock

    Rate My Cock I want to know your honest opinion of my cock. The more descriptive the better! Posting a side angle and top view of the head for a full view.
  10. hung lad selfies

    hung lad selfies

  11. beautiful veined cock

    beautiful veined cock

  12. hard to beat confidence

    hard to beat confidence

  13. bronze


  14. take me for what I am

    take me for what I am

  15. Boredathome08

    Links Made a twitter alt to show off on, follow me if you’d like! @noct_alt

    It’s too much fun to show off and the pandemic and climate collapse make it having a good time more important than ever. So I finally made an alt twitter to show off on @noct_alt No only fans, not looking to make money, just having a good time. Feel free to follow :)
  16. N

    ID help

    Hi guys! I found the following guy in this post: [the Urban Celebrity Thread] Athletes, Singers/rappers, Actors Does anybody know him? He looks familiar although I don't remember a name or production I might know him from. Thanks for any advice and happy holidays to all!
  17. C

    Any Cut Guys With A Frenulum Still?

    Any fellow cut/circumcised guys still have a visible frenulum on their penis? Mine is quite visible so I was curious how common this was and who else had one. Does it provide you with more moveable skin? Share photos if you have some. The underside of my penis with visible frenulum
  18. C

    Best Type Of Circumcision - British Adult Circumcision Advice

    I've always been turned on by guys with cut cocks. Growing up in Derbyshire I, like most of my mates, am not circumcised yet. I'm excited for the day I get to join the circumcised guys but I only have one chance to get this right. I'm a moderate grower, nothing excessive. What is the best type...
  19. ClearSky4

    How Do You Deal With Cirucmcision Grief?

    How do you deal with circumcision grief? By that I mean feelings of grief due to being a victim of circumcision (especially if you had no say in the matter). While not everyone who is circumcised experiences these feelings of grief, many circumcised men do because a part of their genitals was...
  20. C

    Photo Who Has The Tightest Or Most Extreme Circumcision On Lpsg?

    Who has the tightest, most extreme cut cock on LPSG?
  21. C

    Circumcised British Men

    Post your circumcised British meat!
  22. W

    Percentage Of Males Who Are Circumcised By Country

  23. D

    My Adult Circumcision Journey

    Last week I got circumcised. I visited the doctor last year about my tight foreskin. He thought it was thrush and give me thrush cream. It did not work so I visited a different doctor as they previous did not examine my penis. He just looked at it. The new doctor tried to pull back my foreskin...
  24. ChuChiPapi

    Cut Hispanic/latino Guys Appreciation Thread

    I didn't see a thread with this theme so I thought I would create it. :yum Hispanic Army Guy from Tumblr #1: 2012-2013ish
  25. Lost cover

    In The Mates Bathroom

    Was taking a piss in the mates now bathroom. Turned around and just cudnt resist. Anyone else had this
  26. T

    Circumcised Mexican?

    ¿Hay mexicanos circuncidados? Tal vez sí, pero es raro que se cree, Are there circumcised Mexicans? Maybe yes, but it is weird, he created, my friends and I are not circumcised, and well, I am not heard that anyone I know is. Maybe it is more likely than those of the USA if Stay. I say that my...
  27. C

    Photo Adult Circumcision Before & After Pics 18+ Only

    Hi Guys. I would love to see your pics from before and after you were circumcised.
  28. E

    Horse-hung Korean

    Does anyone know who this fantastic specimen is, and where I might be able to find more of him? Or, does anyone have other images or vids they'd be willing to share? I have it seen rumors that he used to post a lot of content and that these images are authentic (not altered or enhanced) but I...
  29. S

    Hi From U.k. 30’s Lad

    Hi I’m from the U.K. I have a 5 1/2 inch erect cock and I’m circumcised. I like wearing briefs and tighty whities.
  30. ChuChiPapi

    Korean Appreciation Thread Or: Once Again I Am Asking For Help In Identifying These Studs

    Please help me in identifying these lovely Koreans... they need to be known!