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  1. C

    How tight can a soft cock get cut?

    How tight can a circumcised soft cock be before it gives you pain when you get hard? Is anyone tightly cut when soft?
  2. S

    Getting circumcised at 30 (U.K.)

    Hello, after struggling even worse than usual for the past year or so with tight foreskin, and trying steroid creams and stretching, the doctors have basically said I need to get cut. I’m debating the stapler method and would appreciate any advice from anyone who’s been cut later in life...
  3. C

    Circumcision recovery

    What was the recovery like after your circumcision? What did you have to do to let it heal properly? Where you able to urinate right after? When could you masturbate? How bad was the pain? How bad the the swelling and bruising? How did you minimise this? How long before you were back to normal...
  4. geofinn

    Phimosis: Upload Your Before and After Pics

    Hi! My partner is looking at curing his phimosis. It'd be helpful for him and others to see which treatments are most effective. Also, it's a good way of seeing how far you've come and a way to keep others going on their non-surgical treatments.
  5. stanmarsh14

    My circumcision journey

    Well folks, tomorrow at 2.30pm (UTC +0), I'll be off to Meersbrook, Sheffield (UK), to get cut. Now I know there is quite some strong feelings towards pro / anti cut, however I've had over 10 years to think about this, and heard of all the arguments on both sides..... this thread is NOT here...
  6. U

    Cut or uncut

    So still another disputed topic. Asking to gay men, what you prefer/like/feel it’s better/more attractive? I always see disparate opinions. Let’s see
  7. T

    Photo Show your adult circumcision

    Really interested in seeing the results of anyone who was circumcised later in life. Tell us when you were cut and the country you're from.
  8. C

    Australians circumcised as adults

    How many Australian guys have been circumcised as adults? How old are you now: How old when you were circumcised: Why did you get circumcised: How do you like the results: High or Low: Tight or loose: Circumcision method: What did your friends/family think: Would you recommend it:
  9. C

    British guy with CircumFetish

    Uncut lover of all things circumcision. Love before and after photos, chatting with other guys who want to get cut, guys have have been cut. Foreskin retraction, circumcision role play. Discussion of you and your partner/friends and family with different circumcision statuses. Circumcision...
  10. R

    Circumcision BXO (Lichen Sclerosis)

    Hello! I am scheduled for circumcision next month to prevent BXO (Lichen Sclerosis) spreading to more of my foreskin. The effects of BXO are mostly on tip of my foreskin which is mostly scarred tissues which if I don't use steroid cream gets itchy and flaky. There is discoloration/white spots...
  11. B

    Your circumcision experience

    Hello everyone, I grew up in a European country where circumcision is quite rare, especially outside major cities so I've just been curious to how being cut is like, especially since I admire the beauty of a cut cock. Were you aware of uncut guys and how do you find masturbation? Feel free to...
  12. D

    Cut Cocks.

    Hi, im 22 yo from Sweden and im gay. I find it super sexy with cut cocks. I havent seen any irl wich makes me sad, neither am I. I think that cut cocks are just superior and its super sexy. I just love the old school with boys always being cut and its something I love. I love the aesthetic and...
  13. more or less JAC

    more or less JAC

  14. D

    Foreskin Pleasure: My Testimony

    Hey, everyone! I've seen a lot of questions surrounding the au naturale penis on here. So I wanted to take some time and explain how it works to anyone curious. Foreskin is the favorite part of my body and I'm shocked that there hasn't been any detailed explanations or guides surrounding its...
  15. hard bowed g-spot tickler

    hard bowed g-spot tickler

  16. R

    Cut Guys Central Europe (DACH, NL, BE, FR)

    Hey guys, I'm creating this thread for Central European guys to discuss circumcision since it's not very common here and most cut guys had the surgery when they were older. Topics are: - circumcision experience - medical issues and surgery - circumcision styles - revisions - keeping the...
  17. C

    Best Type Of Circumcision - British Adult Circumcision Advice

    I've always been turned on by guys with cut cocks. Growing up in Derbyshire I, like most of my mates, am not circumcised yet. I'm excited for the day I get to join the circumcised guys but I only have one chance to get this right. I'm a moderate grower, nothing excessive. What is the best type...
  18. ClearSky4

    How Do You Deal With Cirucmcision Grief?

    How do you deal with circumcision grief? By that I mean feelings of grief due to being a victim of circumcision (especially if you had no say in the matter). While not everyone who is circumcised experiences these feelings of grief, many circumcised men do because a part of their genitals was...
  19. C

    Your Mates Seeing Your Newly Cut Dick For The First Time

    We all like to get naked with our mates at the gym and know what each other is packing. How did your mates respond the first time they saw your cock after you got cut?
  20. C

    Circumcised British Men

    Post your circumcised British meat!
  21. Freshlycutluxembourg

    Hi From Luxembourg

    Hey all I‘m gay, i‘m 42 from Luxembourg I consider myself as circumsexual open for nice chats and meet new friends
  22. W

    Percentage Of Males Who Are Circumcised By Country

  23. B

    Question About Circumcision And Frenulum

    Hi everyone! I have an appointment for a circumcision revision with Dr. Cornell soon. I was circumcised at birth (bris) but it must have been a partial, very loose circumcision because I have a TON of loose skin, which almost entirely covers my glans while flaccid. After years of debate, I...
  24. D

    My Adult Circumcision Journey

    Last week I got circumcised. I visited the doctor last year about my tight foreskin. He thought it was thrush and give me thrush cream. It did not work so I visited a different doctor as they previous did not examine my penis. He just looked at it. The new doctor tried to pull back my foreskin...
  25. Lloyd Irving

    The Ixlutani (cock Shrink, Cock Growth, Transformation, Circumcision, Mm, Mf)

    This is the first piece of fiction I've written, and I hope you all enjoy it. I believe it fits in with the general themes of this board, but is a little unconventional. (I have a second story completed and posted, with a third in preparation. But those are even more unconventional.) The main...
  26. C

    Photo Adult Circumcision Before & After Pics 18+ Only

    Hi Guys. I would love to see your pics from before and after you were circumcised.
  27. 8

    Being A Muslim/jewish Circumcised In Europe

    Hey, So there are already many threads about circumcision which are really interesting but on this one I want to speak exclusively of religious circumcision. In a European context - I live in France - almost all circumcised guys had been circumcised for religious reasons. It was my case coming...
  28. RioDalston

    Foreskin Status Within Families

    Just wondering if people know if their male relatives are cut/uncut like they are? For my example - I know that my brother and dad are uncut like me, but my uncle (dad’s brother) is cut. I’d love to be able to have an open conversation with him about the difference in sensation and use.
  29. C

    British Men And Circumcision

    Hey guys, Just wondering what other British guys' position is on circumcision. How old are you? Are you circumcised? If yes: When did you get circumcised? Why did you get circumcised? If you were given the chance, would you get circumcised?
  30. D

    Only Two More Weeks With A Foreskin! Finally Getting Curcumcised!

    48859815557301488571148857914885841488585148828014882471 Finally - after having my surgery postponed earlier this year - I am now just two weeks away from my circumcision! I see the Urologist one more time next week for a final consult and to discuss the procedure and my preferences. I am asking...