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  1. J

    Moaning, Climaxing, Sexual Enjoyment And Some Other Things

    So ladies, I have a bunch of questions now. Feel free to answer. My apologies if they sound stupid or common sense. My apologies if its offensive and a bit too intrusive. Hope the holiday was enjoyed. You all don’t have to answer every single question. But that would be great if you can. What...
  2. G

    Where Do You Like To Blow Your Cum?

    Perhaps it's just my personal preference, but when I am having sex with either a woman or topping a man, I almost always prefer to pump my cock into them through my orgasm. In certain situations like I am fucking a girl without a condom and she isn't taking birth control, I will pull out and...
  3. Happy to Go Barefoot

    Analyzing The Big "o"

    We all know that an intense orgasm is probably the best feeling in the world, but how would you describe the actual physical sensation that we experience when we finally reach that delicious climax? Difficult to put into words, I know ... but let's try once and for all to define these moments of...