1. G

    Help find these two guys going at it in a club
  2. H

    Photo Help ID these men please!

    Hoping to get more luck here on answers. Does anyone know if these models did anything beyond Club 1821? Ik Jake (first 5 photos) as Duncan from Chaos Men and a brief appearance in, I wanna say, SeanCody? Maybe it was CorbinFisher. But I’m wondering if Micah ever ended up doing any more shoots...
  3. chonkymonster

    Photos & Videos Hot Chinese DJ HuaY (花雨洛)

    He's so hot that it hurts to look at him
  4. U

    Gay places in London?

    I'm going to be moving to London in a week and I want to know the BEST places for gay men, especially if they involve nudity. Bars, gyms, clubs, yoga, etc. I want to find some places that allow nudity, whether it be sexual or not. I also just want advice for where to meet other like-minded gay...
  5. Y

    Manchester nights?

    Anybody been to Club Alert and DILF in Manchester? Any good? Are they normal club nights with a dresscode, or basically a fuck fest? I'm after the latter!! :p Any other suggestions? Thanks
  6. W

    Curious in a Bar

    I have a question, If in club/bar, when a guy, places his arms on your shoulders and whispers to you, "I want to pee so bad." do you think he is giving you the signal that he wants to make out in the restroom? Please answer
  7. L

    Who’s the best DJ in Northern California???

    I know LA has a ton of DJ but are there any good ones up here? The LA ones are hot lol
  8. Z

    Club Houston?

    Has anyone gone to Club Houston? It's a gay sauna, per google search, in downtown Houston. I've heard many erotic stories from that place. I'll be going to Houston in two weeks to get my ass pounded, and I was curious to visit the place. Anyone have any experiences going to Club Houston that...
  9. H

    Owner Showing Off Thai Go-go Boys

    Anyone who speaks Thai know where these videos come from? There's some club owner in Thailand that shows off his go-go boys by touching their bodies: Thailand gay club Would love to see more!
  10. 1

    Seattle 12/20-12/22?

    Anyone in or around Seattle next weekend? Looking for somewhere fun to check out and maybe get into a little fun ;) Clubs, bars or spa recommendations??
  11. B

    Photo Latino Fan Club Scarface

    Looking for more pics of Scarface from latino fan club