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  1. H

    Cock Hero Stamina

    anyone else cock hero before? seems like a fun way to train stamina anyone got any tips or recommendations? I wish some of them didn't have the smaller video of guys trying it out like the videos below, kinda distracts from the fantasy would be fun trying this out in a circle jerk party...
  2. K

    Cockhero Group

    Starting a SKYPE group and THREAD for guys into playin CockHero on cam together. Primarily looking for other straight guys as the majority of the CH vids are straight, but don't have to be to join in. When you join the group please put your stats (age etc...) in the first message. Below is the...
  3. JonnyHard

    Cockhero Anal

    Has anyone ever tried to play a cockhero game * with his ass? Well if not, lets try :-p Any cockhero video ideas for that? or other videos with a nice beat? (Leave your Skype or a cam chat link if you wanna watch or beeing watched) * cockhero: you jerk your cock to a porn video to...
  4. A

    Cockhero competition

    So here's what I'd like to try. We find a CockHero video we both like, get on Skype and start the vid at the same time as each other. Then we wank to the beat and the first one to cum loses. Ideal if you like to show your prowess over other guys by lasting longer than them, but also if (like...