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  1. B

    Looking for Casual Friends and or Cock Worship?

    Hey all! I’m relatively inexperienced in forum posting so please forgive if this needs more clarity or editing haha I’m a 24 M straight who loves showing off and jerking with friends, but also have found I like to be…. Well liked haha hence the cock worship portion of the title. Wouldn’t...
  2. Letmeworshipit

    Arizona Men Who Prefer ORAL Sex?

    Hoping to start networking with guys here in Arizona who, like me, are primarily or totally into ORAL sex as their preferred sexual activity. And selfishly, I'd love to start dating an oral top, but will settle for some quality FWB blo'n go's if that's all ya got. With clubs and adult venues...
  3. TexaStud

    Thick Flaccid cock

    Been feeling thick and juicy lately even while having a flaccid cock (; these balls need a good draining
  4. D

    Oral Cock Worshiper in AZ Wants to Meet New Feeder Buddies

    Someone said that I’m called a side now, not a cocksucker. Whatever. I know what I am and what I love. Oral tops with bulging briefs and a great attitude are my kind of guys. Love making new friends here in AZ or nationwide. Hosting in Tucson and at hotels in Phoenix. Let me buy you a drink and...
  5. SRSWhy

    Married woman on here...do you secretly lust after a bigger cock

    Through the latter half of 20s, I became somewhat of a small celebrity on snapchat for being known as having a big cock - one of the girls I used to send photos of my cock to listed my username on some website and, in a windfall, hundreds of women, usually 20-35 years of age would message me and...
  6. D

    Photos & Videos Post Pix Of *you* Sucking Cock Or Getting Sucked

    curious to say how many other people like sharing pix of themselves sucking cock... i love showing off what a cocksucker i am! ;)
  7. D

    Guys going commando in public

    I go crazy for those guys who love to go commando in public, especially in places where it's not offensive or inappropriate, like the gym, bars, AVS and GH places. Guys that are totally in touch with their cocks are heroes to me. To embrace the power of your cock to influence and control is a...