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  1. L

    Add me on snap

    I’m a dumb cock hunger fag please feed me ur piss and Cum I wanna be addicted to the nasty smell of ur dick daddy (the nastier and fuck up the better) I love uncut dick so hmuuu sc:leammathew
  2. Wrestle in Gear or Nude, Cock Grabs and Nut Pulls in Play

    Wrestle in Gear or Nude, Cock Grabs and Nut Pulls in Play

    Big cock on the line, lets grapple for stakes: dick grab, cock suck, ass fuck, all rough...cock and nuts grabs OK
  3. S

    Hello everyone!

    42 yo very curious guy, currently in Europe but moving back to Orange County California. Looking to meet new people and have fun. I am 5'9" and 185lbs with an average cock. I am currently single, but looking for a male friend who I can hang out with smoke bowls, play video games, go out...
  4. M

    When i began my dick worship

    At a young age, I started a relationship with an older guy who was confident about his body, his intentions, and desires, which was an exciting contrast to my naivety and shy personality. We went on dates, but we hadn’t had sex, until the night we decided to share a bed together... That night...