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  1. G

    Zeke Wood

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/zekemoneyy OnlyFans: OnlyFans OMG... have y'all seen this sexy as fuck guy? I actually found his real non-porn accounts a long time ago and I was reminded out how absolutely sexy he is. On his normal accounts he's like really normal and just naturally sexy so it...
  2. F

    Links Id This Instagram / Reddit Whore

    https://instagram.com/excuseme_its_prada_backup?igshid=17r7q9fjkne0v His raunchier (and I mean extra filthy) photos and vids on Reddit are under cmenswallower but I don’t think that’s him posting it. Pretty sure his other Instagram was taken down recently because the photos were of someone...
  3. B

    Ig Model Scottie (@scottieetohotie)

    Does anyone have any pics of @scottieetohotie? He's super hot and his boyfriend is Cockyboys pornstar Mateo Vice.
  4. M

    Sean Ford Goes Straight.... Is It True?

    I just heard a rumor that openly gay porn performer Sean Ford has lost his gold star status and filmed a scene with a woman...Is it true and if it is are you still attracted to him? I was a fan of him but after hearing this rumor, I dunno.... Can someone tell me...lol..Why has this killed my...
  5. F

    Levi karter and cody stewart in car?

    ive seen gifs of the blowjob/cum shot in the car of these two - but I’ve never found the full vid. Anyone have it? Its an up-close, while-driving suckoff I think it’s cockyboys