1. SashaF

    Who is this hot straight guy

    Apparently he was getting coffee from the kitchen - on a good morning day. Who is this hot guy? Husband material
  2. C

    Caleb Coffee (TikTok)

    He’s so damn hot, always posts gym content, if anyone gets anything feel free to share :rolleyes:
  3. B

    True Or False, Coffee Is An Acquired Taste?

    I tried coffee many years ago and I couldn't stand it. Was it "love at first taste" for any of you or is it something that you had to learn to like?
  4. C

    New Member - 22 Year Old Boy From California

    Hey, I'm Luke. I stumbled upon this forum, and I loved it. I'm new to all of this. I would love to meet some cool people. I'm really into: - Comics - Buff guys - Movies - Fitness - Coffee Hit me up if you wanna talk.
  5. G

    How Do You "really" Like Your Coffee?

    Malcolm Gladwell once gave a TED talk where he explained that if you ask a group of people how they like their coffee you get the same answer from everyone, "rich, bold, flavorful". But that actual taste tests show that the majority of people actually prefer weak sugary coffee, yet no one ever...
  6. Bondi

    Cocks and coffee

    Show them off with that cup of joe you're drinking 1246182