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  1. H

    College Athletes

    Okay so a thread, but y’all show all the nude pics and videos of college athletes y’all got no matter the sport. Ready set go
  2. D

    College bros become bate buds

    I met Joe in college. We were both in the student government. He was a nice enough guy, liked to talk politics. We connected even though he was a few years younger than me. After a few months of being friends, one night I saw him online on Facebook messenger. It was late. I was in the middle...
  3. why74

    What kinds of athletes do love to see?

    What kinds of athletes do you love to see? Professional athletes or college athletes doesn't matter I'm just interested in it so let me hear your personal preference! Ofc, you can write your kinks for athletes if you want :p
  4. collegeboi299

    black or white thong g-string on me? (poll)

    I'm going to a college party, and want to wear just one of these thong g-strings. Which one do you think I should wear?
  5. 1

    New paltz, ny

    Anyone willing to come up to New Paltz and have some fun with a young, hung guy? I’m down for a lot so just message me and let me know :) I can travel a little too