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college jocks

  1. DevonTexas

    Big Dick Twinks

    My weakness is fit college guys and hung twinks. Feel free to share pics, gifs, and videos
  2. R

    100$ reward ID This Blonde Guy/Couple Please (Straight Video) - repost: upped reward

    Hello! Sorry to repost this - upped the reward to 100$ for: - Full length video - Their social porn page (either or Twitter/Pornhub/Onlyfans etc) Desperately trying to find more of this couple - I have already tried reverse image search for hours with no luck though. Does anyone know them...
  3. DevonTexas

    Dallas & Denton Bate Fun

    Looking for other guys mostly into comparing, edging, jo, body contact, and frot. ddf, hung and chill here.
  4. M

    Photo College Pole Vaulter Mondo Duplantis

    Meet 20-year-old Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, who just broke the world record for pole vaulting. He is a dual citizen in the US and Sweden. And he’s quite photogenic, to say the least...
  5. Shofixti

    College Men And Dorm Cock

    This forum has some great themed threads, but I can't see one dedicated to college guys. So I'll try to add to this over time.
  6. Percival139383

    Extra Training

    So, I decided to try my hand at erotic writing and this was what transpired. I'm really enjoying it so there'll be more coming soon. I'd like to thank my amateur editor @Ferdi.LT for helping me. Enjoy!
  7. J

    Indiana Jerkoff Group

    trying to find guys in the Indiana area From ages 18-35
  8. H

    Man hunt: help me find more of this guy

    Its been a year when I was browsing tumblr when I stumbled upon this guy's jerk off vids.. all these 20 sec vids r just so hot.. I love hot guys jerking off.. please help me find more of him.. thank you so much