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coming out

  1. B

    Help Coming Out To My Buddy/homies

    im 24 years old men, single, im gay / bisexual (still confuse) and majority all of my buddies already got a girlfriends. My relationship with my buddies is very close, like shower together, sleeping together, pissing next to the other, teasing each other(like touching each other ass, etc ). I...
  2. M

    Gay Youtuber, Disappeared...do You Know His Name?

    I am looking for the name or atleast a photo of a gay youtuber who came out around 2014 or 2015. He came out in a video whereby he had these charts/cards and it had messages and he turned each one till it read the message that he was gay. He was had an ex wife and a child and he was verrrry...
  3. Matt Murray

    Coming Out At Work

    If this thread has already been started, I apologize, but I could not find it. I'm curious to hear about other's experiences with coming out at work. Did people treat you differently after you came out? How did you bring it up to your coworkers? Are you still in the closet with your...
  4. R

    Came Out To Wife

    over the weekend I went to a very liberal swingers club with the wife. While chatting with a few transgender girls, guys and girls, And I might add, a few drinks, I told the wife I wanted a guy. While she does enjoy an occasional girl or two, she was taken back but was very understanding to my...