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  1. musclelover717

    Muscular Men Getting Compliments

    Muscular men: what’s the best compliment you’ve gotten from someone regarding your physique? Or the best interaction you’ve had regarding your muscular body? Also I just realized I posted this under the wrong place….
  2. bigboaster

    Can Trolling Be Penalized Yet?

    Why isnt going intentionally into threads about people you don't like and only posting negative and hateful comments (a troll essentially) not something worthy of receiving points at least? I've seen this behavior a lot recently and so far it seems to be going unpunished, yet anyone who...
  3. R

    Comments Please

    28004612800471 I’d love your comments on my cock. As you can see, it’s not very big (4” hard), but I think it’s still pretty good looking. Still, being the size that I am, I’ve learned to take the bad comments with the good. So if you want to make fun of it, that’s fine. I’ve learned to...
  4. R

    Back And Looking For Comments

    Hey there. I took a short break from the site, but I’m back now. I’d love your comments on my pics. Thanks!
  5. 1

    Quick Stats On Photos

    Hey Devs, Is there a way to get the same three button quick stats on all the photo pages? Currently when I view on mobile and go to the photos page on my profile, I can see the number of likes, comments, and views at the bottom of each picture. However, I can't see those same stats when I go to...