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  1. fireice42

    Zach Pajich

  2. Orange808

    Photos & Videos Id Request: Hot Ad Guy With Wing Tattoo

    Hi Everyone, Does anybody know who this guy is? This was the second time I found him on adverts and I'm just so curious who this hottie is! :D
  3. B

    Video Anybody Know Who This Actor/model Is?

    I’ve found him before but for the life of me I can’t remrmber his name. The only thing I have of him is this Planet Fitness Commercial. Anybody know what his name is? Planet Fitness TV Commercial, 'My Abs'
  4. fireice42

    Olivier Renaud

  5. tkesucks

    Anyone Remember The Privoy Ad?

    That commercial was quality (can't speak about the content) but as an editor, I am hunting it down during the quarantine to check out the technique used to edit it. I wanna see if it's my nostalgia kicking in or if it was in-fact a good trailer.
  6. abclou

    Rescue Chewie Shelter Guy

    Any info. on this guy? I find him very Cute. From the Samsung Phone Commercial-Rescue Chewie Dog.