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communal showers

  1. M

    Communal showers northern CA

    My current gym with open showers is shutting down, what are some other gyms in Northern California/ Bay Area that have open showers. thanks
  2. Js692

    Friend in the communal shower

    Today at the communal shower after working out, a friend of mine come close to me, hidden his dick with one hand and massaging at the same time (quite discreet). After a while, we remove his hand and his dick had a okay size. How would you react to a similar situation?
  3. M

    Naked male only spas and public saunas in Europe (not gay)

    Hi! Have you ever been in naked spas, thermal baths or public saunas which are gender separated or only for men and nudity is normal? Not especialy gay places like a gay sauna. I am interested in places which are visited by mostly local people. I visited: - Kotiharjun sauna (Helsinki): a...
  4. C

    Looking for a specific locker room exhib

    A while ago I watched very intriguing videos about an exhibitionist who made some very exciting locker room/communal shower videos but (big surprise) I can't find them anymore. What I can recall: military environment, soldiers the guy who made and appeared in the videos has a tattoo on his butt...
  5. JayPR

    How comfortable are men with being nude in communal showers and locker rooms in your country or culture?

    I would like to know how comfortable are men with nudity in public spaces or among peers in your country or culture? Especially I am talking about gym showers, locker rooms, dorms, communal showers, public baths, and even nudist beaches or lakes. My question comes because it has been discussed...
  6. balanceofpower874

    Showers in San Francisco Gym Crunch

    found this on SF weekly and thought it was so HOT! about the Best Gym Showers are at Crunch Fitness Depending on how much you work out — and your body shape — these showers could be the best or worst in town. That's because they're on public view. Frosted glass comprises one side of an entire...
  7. Real Hidden Communal Showers

    Real Hidden Communal Showers

    Is it wrong that I enjoy the natural and real vids the best? Like swim shower style, communal/open, gang, locker room and so on and so on. But, you must surely get the drift, by now. The more authentic the video is the better it is to me. I want to pay tribute to the true beauty of male body...
  8. Showerfancrazy

    Links Communal/Gang Showers

    Classic, Vintage, Old School, what ever you want to call it. Still the best vids ever. It becoming harder and harder to find those amateur, real hidden cam style. Super big in 90s. Now it’s all stagged and acted. If you know where to find any of these hidden gems. Pls share how you did and leave...
  9. M

    Communal and Open Gym/pool Showers in Brisbane

    Does anyone know any good open or communal gang style showers in Brisbane? does not seem to any around.
  10. G

    Uk Meets

    I am 23 and available in south east UK for the following: - giving blowjobs - receiving blowjobs - rimming - toe sucking - wank buddying - wank races - mutual edging - naked hang out - communal showering Message me if anything interests you. I am also on Kik: gwattyboy In most cases, I...
  11. J

    Gyms With Open Showers In Liverpool

    Hey, I’ve tried a few gyms in Liverpool but all seem to be really modest in terms of showers - with all the privacy anyone could want. Does anyone know of any gyms in the area that have open showers good for showing off as well as checking other guys out?
  12. D

    London Open/communal Showers

    Hi everyone, I have to visit London in the near future and I'm looking to stay in a hotel or hostel that has open/communal male showers. It always spices up my travels when i get to shower with a hot guy. Can anyone reccommend some places? Thanks in advance
  13. N

    Experimenting With Communal Showers In Nashville Tn.

    Hey guys. New here! I live in the Nashville area and am wanting to experiment with being in communal showers and not getting a boner. I've tried a few times in the Downtown YMCA but both times I got noticeably hard and got a few awkward glances. I've heard that other Ys near Nashville also have...
  14. fitandhung7in

    Locker Room Boners

    I have a thing for locker rooms, and especially seeing guys hard or with semi's in the locker room. For those with similar interests, here's a place to post pics, videos, stories, and personal experiences involving erections in the locker room or gym showers. Pics and videos can either be...
  15. B

    Colorizing Classic Male Nudity

    There are many black-and-white photos of male nudity from the mid-20th century on this site, usually focusing on nude bonding and camaraderie in athletic and military settings (for example, see "Life Magazine Archives"). I thought I would try to colorize some of these using online AI photo...
  16. N

    Communal Showers In The Nashville/franklin Tn Area?

    Looking for gyms in the Nashville area with open showers to show off. Anyone know of any? I've heard the Franklin Rec Complex has open showers, anyone been to confirm?
  17. Y

    Erections During Physicals Or Communal Showers?

    Have any of you ever gotten am obvious boner during a nude physical exam or in communal showers? How did the doctor or other guys react to seeing it?
  18. Y

    Open Communal Showers In The Nashville Tn Area?

    The Downtown Nashville YMCA has some of the most open communal showers I've ever seen, but not very busy. Does anyone know of any other truly communal showers in the area? Haven't been to any of the other Nashville Ys.
  19. R

    Your first time being naked with other guys?

    As an adult (18+), when was the first time you were naked around other guys in a non-sexual setting such as a locker room or communal shower, and what were your feelings/anxieties about the experience? How did the other guys react? As a millennial in the south, such experiences are extremely...
  20. JayPR

    Are communal or gang showers dissapearing?

    If you're over 35 or 40 years old, you remember when locker rooms at school, college or at the gym, included communal showers, also known as gang showers. Basically, it was a big spacious room with a lot of shower heads, no division or curtains, where everyone used to shower together. In the...