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  1. guy_thong

    Sex Olympics

    What would the events in a sex olympics be? So far I have come up with Dick Sucking Most dicks in x minutes shortest time to suck 10 dicks Dicking suck marathon ie 26 dicks Cum Shot scored by judges like gymastics taking into account distance and volume distance only (longest shot)...
  2. I

    Photos & Videos Which Memeber Of You Sexy Ladies Has The Tightest Pussy On Here Best Looking

    Post your images of tight pussy from lpsg women memebers only the best looking tightest wettest pussy is on here
  3. J

    Real Life Size Contests??

    I am a 31 yo female and I love hosting and judging size contest over skype. I normally find interested guys and get them on cam together then judge. I dont go on cam but i do get on mic. I was thinking to try to set up those contests in real life, having 2 guys meeting up to do the same thing...
  4. D

    Curious New Guy Cock Contets

    New to the site, and looking to have some kind of cock contest. Willing to entertain some bets and what not on the outcome.