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  1. hardshooter1985

    Looking for someone to control my sessions with hot chat (no cam no mic)

    Masturbation and porn addict here, str8, bit sub, sextoys lover, gooner, etc.. Looking for regular buds to control me, my clothes, position, how I stroke, etc.. (no cam, no mic) Send me pm. (I have skype or/and discord)
  2. S

    Indian fag to use

    This is real faggot help me turning into a real slave. I just turned 27 I'm a slave slut i need a STRICT, KINKY, and SADIST master. i really need to be humiliated and suffer. my hard limits: blood and scat you can do: pain, torture, degrading, humiliation, bullying, abusing my body in whatever...
  3. B

    Controlling your cum

    Anyone else love to cum without fully cumming all the way?
  4. jjprodriv

    Married dads for private secret conversations

    My kink is reading/tempting married or gay dads who would love to have an experience with a younger guy. I love fantasizing about these stories and jerking off to them during work. In the past, I used to be dominate dads via apps during their work day. Office workers excited me more. I loved...
  5. L

    Bottoms in control: power bottoms, bottoms riding aggressively, bottoms making the top cum

    I'm looking for videos and gifs with power bottoms. I would especially like vids/gifs where the bottom makes the top cum. And if anyone has that video where the bottom is on all fours on the bed, but grinding like a master on the top, I'd love to have a link.
  6. H

    Mimic Game

    I love imitation game on cam, copy the way like others guys jerking off and watch who can hold it more time without cumming. With differents way to jerk off and changing the pace, or making countdowns. Interchanging who control the jerk off during the session. What do you think about it? Are...
  7. V

    Caged top

    Hi everyone, 40 year old straight looking gay looking for an alpha or dom to put me in chastity for his amusement. Love dominant man that I can worship, all true I’m not looking to be a slave. On average not really submissive unless you manage to keep me caged and desperate until I’m ready to...
  8. O

    Photo [hunt] Who Is This Verbal Kinky Stud?

    Ran across this guy in some videos today and was wondering who he is? (I'm new here so not sure how to post the photos without a link?) Heres the video Dom OnlyFans Slave Porn GIF by onthehunt Thanks. ;)
  9. hardshooter1985

    Looking To Control Your Toy (the Handy)

    Hi, Someone here have "The Handy" and want to be controled ? 35 str8 open minded here. Send me a private mess, I have skype/discord (no face, no mic on my side). PS : If you don't know what's "The Handy" :
  10. M

    Toronto | Edging And Cum Control

    Hi, I'm looking for something specific. I want to meet up with a guy who likes being inspected, felt up and edged. I would use my oiled up hands on you and take my time teasing you over and over before you get to release. Not interested in anything more intimate, just me edging you. Looking for...
  11. S

    Control My Dick, Make Me Edge Until You Say I Can Cum. I Can Show Off

    To start a little about me. I'm 28 white straight, 7" dick that shoots good size loads, hairy chest. So I'm at work and leaking precum before I even touched my dick, I'm so horny. I'm looking for someone to talk to long term. I am open to a lot with the only catch being I'm at work so we can...
  12. S

    Straight Guy Showing Off And Edging On Kik

    Im straight but like to show off and edge for people on kik snowman2356. Come and tell me how to edge my cock and lets have some fun.