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  1. A

    Overhearing comments

    Has anyone else ever overheard people discussing dick size? Recently heard a couple of lads in the gym and one was commenting on the other one's size. Always good when you hear people in public having size conversations. What are your experiences?
  2. S

    Unable to start a conversation

    Hi everyone, Im new here and I’m unable to start a conversation despite having made 5 posts. Could some please advise? Thank you
  3. L

    Discord Server

    Hello! First off happy 2021! I hope you and your loved ones have a great year. Please stay safe! So I been working on a discord server for the past few days and it should be done in an hour or so.. I mainly created to listen to music through music bots without having to deal with Ads or go...
  4. F

    Can't Start Private Conversations?

    New here and i'm not sure why but i can't start private conversations or receive PMs? I already have my privacy settings set so that any member can message me. Any ideas on what's wrong?
  5. Isiahsin434

    Conversion Therapy Is Going To Be Unbanned In New York City

    This is why New York City is urgently lifting its ban on gay conversion therapy conservatives are using lawsuit against Pro gay people because it’s against their freedom of speech and that’s how Boston have straight pride Because of the lawsuit
  6. OneDollarBill

    Intelligent conversation and huge cock

    31 m, tall, nerd handsome ;) I have a big especially thick cock. Bisexual. Intellectual. Looking for someone 18-40, who's intelligent, handsome, and super hung. Just curious if they exist . Happy to have a conversation or more. Kik: timelord224 Tell me your favorite author...