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corona virus

  1. priapo2

    I Am Covid Positive...

    Yes... I've got the virus... :emoji_head_bandage: Well..
  2. B

    Coronavirus And Safe Sex

    Anybody know of any studies or have any thoughts on safe sex given coronavirus?
  3. iluvmen

    Quarantine Hypersexuality

    Hello LPSG folks, Since most of the world is under quarantine conditions, we are all at home. Gyms closed, bars, cafes, restaurants, everything is closed. I normally have a very high sex drive. I do sports on a regular basis for years, I'm in my 30s and I eat very well. As a result, I've got...
  4. Anton565

    Corona Virus ---> Sex Toy Sales Rise?

    The other day I read that one of the big porn sites has made its premium service free to anyone in Italy. No credit card required. Also read that the mayor in one Italian town has banned orgies, gangbangs, and three-ways. The article did not mention the mayor's plans for enforcement. Here in NYC...