1. Banex

    The Donkey Costume

    Needing money my college roommate and I began to look for odd jobs to get us some drinking money. We didn't want to find something permanent - just an assignment or something. We went to the local mall with another friend of ours and she noticed that one of the stores was setting up a live...
  2. T

    Sensual AI Model Around The World

    Come and participate in the thrilling contest "Sensual AI Model Around the World"! In this incredible event, AI-generated models will parade in sensual costumes representing countries from various geographical regions. Each week, a region will be voted on, and the model representing the most...
  3. W

    Hot Cosplayer - william_as91

    This guy is so hot...and his cosplay is awesome Login • Instagram
  4. GuysLoveBJ

    Photos & Videos Halloween Hotties

    Happy Halloween!
  5. HeroSignalCosplay

    Links Cosplayers on OF/J4F Suggestions and Discussion.

    I love cosplay both as a kink and as a nerd and there have been a good bit of cosplayers who have done content on OF that most of us are looking for i.e. nudes and sexual content (solos/toys/sex) but honestly finding some good creators has become difficult so I figured why not create this thread...
  6. N

    Photos & Videos Looking for pics of nude guys wearing minimal costumes like headgear, gauntlets, wings, ears etc.

    Like if a group of nudist friends decided to throw a 'nude costume party' and they all showed up dicks out, bare-assed, but still definitely recognizable as characters. Could be wearing hats, helmets, jewelry, shoes, gloves, tails and other things like that. Also carrying stuff like weapons...
  7. Das_Boot

    Photo Costumes Aren't Just For Kids!

    It's that time of year again where I'm in the mood to think up a Halloween costume. I found a bunch of pictures online for ideas. If you're like me you love the thrill, freedom and excitement of dressing up at events, roleplaying in the bedroom or going out to Halloween parties and bar crawls...
  8. laincognito24

    Photo Andrew mclean - sexy cosplay stud

    Does anybody have any hot nude or sexy underwear shots of this guy?