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  1. vhorny94

    Links Naked Couchsurfer Hosts and Guests of LPGS

    I signed up for the Couchsurfing app both as a surfer and host. I haven't regretted it yet. Aside from meeting awesome people, I have had some amazing hookups and bate sessions with hosts/guests. And just general naked or other sexy situations. On BateWorld, there's a section to post your...
  2. G

    Misterb&b Hosts

    Any guys on here who host on misterb&b / misterbandb / misterbnb? or any guys on there who you know are hung / nudist ?
  3. G

    Naked In Front Of Airbnb/couchsurfing Host

    Has anyone got naked in the common areas while staying with a airbnb / misterbandb / Couchsurfing host? What did they say ? here’s a pic of me, stayed at a hot guy’s place from misterbandb for 11 days for work travel. We didn’t chat about nudism but I saw clothing optional on his listing. He...
  4. G

    Airbnb/misterbnb Hosts

    Hey guys ;) let’s start a thread with guys who host other guys on misterb&b, airbnb, naturistbnb, couchsurfing etc :) especially nudist guys, clothing optional stays To start off, i found this hottie in madrid: he hosts nude guys Big room with private bathroom at the centre of Madrid |...
  5. B

    Clothing Optional / Nudist Couchsurfer Host In Birmingham, Uk

    Hi everyone. Im a 31 year old clothing optional / nudist friendly couchsurfing host in Birmingham, UK. I really enjoy hosting guests from all over the world at my place. If anyone is intending to visit my city and needs hosting please pm me. Ideally you will have a profile on couchsurfing :)