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  1. A

    Hypersexual Coworkers

    I work in a corporate bureaucracy for the city and I feel like the amount of sexual tension and frustration is widespread through our organization. Does anyone else work in a hypersexual work environment? Being in engineering, we do not have a lot of women in our teams but it seems that most...
  2. N

    Video Looking for full video: Desi Kissing

    Hey guys... I am looking for the full version of this video. This clip I found on FB is just the kissing part, but the full video includes cock sucking and cum shot in the mouth. I saw it a few times years ago and it was so hot. However, for the life of me, I cannot find it again. Anyone...
  3. Akbro77

    Sneaky Photos of Straight Friend/CoWorker Bulge or VPL

    Anyone else notice their straight friends are bulging hard or having VPL and snuck a picture… not wanting to see the same old public photos but more the stuff you have had in a hidden album when you couldn’t help yourself. Some of these are coworkers and some friends but always loved getting a...
  4. B

    Falling For My Straight, Engaged Coworker

    We met in January and have consistently hung out 1-on-1 ever since. Most recently I cooked for him at my place. He tells me how nice I look when we go out, he says I’m his favorite coworker, he sat right next to me on my couch at my place, etc. He’s never done anything blatant but he and I get...
  5. Matt Murray

    Coming Out At Work

    If this thread has already been started, I apologize, but I could not find it. I'm curious to hear about other's experiences with coming out at work. Did people treat you differently after you came out? How did you bring it up to your coworkers? Are you still in the closet with your...