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  1. Jessica Sweet

    Stretching my ass on the phallus. File.

  2. KinkyAznBoy

    Being Felt Up During One Of My Late Night Walks

    So as the title says, I enjoy going out for late night walks anywhere around 9pm-12am midnight around my neighbourhood, some schools, parks, trails and parking lots which all happen to be within the area I walk in so lots to choose from! This is a real life encounter/experience with a stranger...
  3. 8

    New Crossdresser In The House!

    Hello, everyone! I signed up last week and finally I’m posting something here. I’m 23 and love to design and wear women’s clothes. Does anybody enjoy cross dressing and cross dressers? :) Show me some love anyway :*
  4. frank5120

    Sissy Clothing Recommendations

    Hi everyone. I’m kind of starting to think seeing guys in “women’s” underwear is really sexy and want to try it out myself. I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on what the best affordable places to buy are and if you guys had any tips on buying? Im looking at some cute stuff on...
  5. C

    Cd sub wants to please

    non smooth cd sub looking to dress up and please
  6. deine_huendin

    Who knows the "sissy-mood" when wearing stockings or tights

    i am not gay, men does not attract me... i am not tv/ts, not a dragqueen... but when i get shaved, creamed... when i put my stockings on, stay-ups or garter-belts i come in this wonderful mood: taken by hand taken like a wife...