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  1. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos I met a celebrity' - and you?

    Dusting off old IG posts I came across my photos from the London premiere of the Downton Abbey film (2019). Suddenly I reflected on how many celebrities for one reason or another I've managed to meet in my life. How were your meetings with them, if any?
  2. AboSarieli

    Share your male on male REAL romantic love stories!

    I made this thread because I'd like to hear real and authentic (not fictional) stories of love between men. Bonus if they are about men on the older side. Please tell us your real male on male love story, regardless of how it ended. As someone who hasn't really dived yet into the whole process...
  3. HunkReinolds

    my str8 gym crush is “killing me”

    I have a massive crush on this straight guy in my gym, and I’ve been discussing this issue with some members in other related threads, but I decided to create a separate thread for this matter since it’s escalating really quick (you guys gave me the courage to engage lol). I’ll be posting here...
  4. Schizoguybaliw

    Photos & Videos Genuinely horny tops

    Just collecting snippets where a top is genuinely horny for his bottom. The action doesn't need to be rough (although it often is) such as this one, where Robbie Kasl's hands and tongue are all over Arny Donan's body. The fucking is a bit of a let down though, maybe performance anxiety when...
  5. K

    Sharing a Hotel Room with my Crush

    Although it is heavily embelished and more on the wishful side, this story is based on a real set of events that happened a couple of years back. I will break the story up in days and post as I manage to write. Keep in mind that English is not my first language, so forgive me for any grammar or...
  6. H

    I like my friend and he knows

    I have a friend I met through another friend and we started speaking properly maybe a year and a bit ago. He was living in a far off place at the time but we would talk and chill almost everyday on playstation and or the phone at times, this was during the pandemic so we had so much time...
  7. H

    Advice: Wishing Crush a Happy Birthday

    Hi everyone. I'm in need of some advice for the following situation, please let me know what your thoughts are! I'm really unsure of what to do! So I met a very cute, sweet guy my senior year of college. We occasionally would sit with each other in the dining halls (never planned, always when...
  8. thebussyinvader

    Who are your current porn crushes?

    I have 7 porn crushes - Landon Matthews; Blake Mitchell; Jay Tee; Cole Church; Sebastian Keys; Mickey Taylor; and Darron Bluu. Landon and Cole both retired from gay porn, and Cole crossed over into straight porn. I love twinks primarily, but any type of guy is fine with me. My favorite Landon...
  9. HairyAussieBloke

    Seeing Your Old Crush’s Nudes

    So recently I acquired my old crush’s nudes and I won’t say how but I got some videos and photos directly from him. When he sent a video I instantly jerked off and came within 2 Minutes. However I’m making this thread to discuss not necessarily disappointment but more being surprised by their...
  10. I

    Arab Football Player

    I am 22 and for the last few days I have been hanging out with this Arab guy. He’s my age and we work together as interns at the same company. Last night I went out with him and a friend of mine (girl) and then he invited us to his place (after midnight), so we went there to drink and smoke...
  11. fireice42

    Top 5 Male Celebrity You Fantasize

    Henry Cavill John Cena Laz Alonso Mehcad Brooks Joe Manganiello
  12. F

    Probably Not The Right Post But I'm A Gay Man...

    So I'm a gay man crushing on this dude that claims he is straight as hell (before he started calling me cute, boo, babe etc etc) but he's only recently done this because every girl that comes into his life, ends up breaking his heart apparently so he's came to me saying that he loves me, calling...
  13. J

    Tpobasky Doing A Bit Of Stalking

    Apparently he has a lil crush an a construction worker. Cute!
  14. S

    What to do about a crush

    Hi all, As a st8 guy (mostly!) I lived with a gay guy who had a lot of cool friends. We'd hang out a little but never on his scene. I did however meet one of his friends who at the time developed a little bit of a crush on. I didn't do anything about it - other than trying to strike up a...
  15. M

    A crush that drives me crazy!

    hello guys, I’m a 20 yo bisexual guy and it’s been a couple of months since I have a crush on this guy from work; we try to see each other when we can as our shifts don’t allow us to see often. But when I spend time with him, I get really confused on what he’s after, he often teases me...
  16. JayPR

    Who was your celebrity crush when you were a teenager?

    I just want to know who was your celebrity crush when you were a teenager or even during your college years? For me, it was in stages. I grew up in the 80s through the 90s. My first celebrity crush was Rob Lowe when I was a much younger. That's how I knew I was gay. Eventually, when I hit...
  17. little_sissy

    Co-worker help

    So im romantically attracted to my female co-worker. I think she is very attractive but objectively she is not a super model but def not unattractive a midwest 7-8 id say. Im myself am not a very attractive male and I am def a larger guy (except where it counts), so I do have a bit of...