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cum swallow

  1. N

    Dayton Sucker

    I love to suck cocks and swallow sperm
  2. 1

    Iso Broke Straight Boys Scene(s)

    If anyone can tell me or post any scenes from broke straight boys that involves the guys tasting and eating cum. I have really been into that lately and I love broke straight boys content new and old
  3. P

    Austin Meet Up - Feeder Wanted

    Any huge cocks that need their balls grained in my mouth? We can meet up somewhere discreetly, shouldn’t be much talking at all. I’m a big guy and hold my weight well. 10” cocks plus to the front of the line to be deep throated. I’m also open to sucking cock with a bi couple.
  4. 2

    Deepthroat Sucker In Vienna / Wien

    Hi guys! To all of you guys who live in Wien or are visiting Vienna, of you are in need for a deepthroat blowjob down to your balls give me a shout. I'm a passionate cocksucker always ready to offer my throat to a cock in need. Any cock is welcome to use my throat. Can't wait to hear from you...
  5. highr0ll34

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