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  1. H

    Video Asian Cumcontrol/Edging

    Been seeing many videos of VN cumcontrol around, but its all short clips. All the full videos are required to purchase. Anyone have luck finding where to watch the full videos?
  2. K

    Greater London Edging

    Anyone in Greater London/Hertfordshire an experienced edger? Looking to get edged for ages until you think I've earned release. 23yr slim guy here. Kik: SHouse777
  3. 8

    Talented Edger Looking To Edge Guys In London Uk

    Hi guys, I am a 28 year old, talented edger with an 8’’ cock. I’m looking for guys into getting slowly cumcontrolled. I’m based in East London, SE18. Travel only. DM me with pics and we’ll take it from there.
  4. E

    Help Identify Brazilian Bondage Site

    Anyone know who produced this video? It reminds me of the Slowteasinghandjobs site or Capturedguys.
  5. T

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    I’ve been jerking to a clip of this video for years and just found the full version and shot buckets. Does anyone know who the dom is in this video?The video says “pokerface” so is that his username?
  6. Librarian

    Edging You In Nyc

    Anyone want to help me develop my edging skills on your cock? I'm a fan of Dr Cumcontrol. You sit back as I take control of your piece, bring you close, ease off, repeat, as long as possible. I decide when you shoot. Serious about trying this.