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  1. R

    Photos & Videos Daniel Monsalve (danifants1, erros_danny, edy_astennu)

    Hey, guys! I decided to create a thread for this hot latin guy! I believe he's really underrated but he's one of my favorite cam models, especially because he's cute, hot and a big shooter lol Currently, he's active on cb as edy_astennu, but I've already seen him under different usernames as...
  2. imhereforthegayporn

    Photos & Videos Bigdaddyrick07 [Chaturbate]

    Just discovered this guy on Chaturbate, his ID is Bigdaddyrick07. He cums a lot and he's SO sexy Watch Bigdaddyrick07 live on Chaturbate!
  3. C

    Can someone ID this xtube guy ?

    I remember him being on xtube and all and having "1996" in his profile name but can't recall the rest lol , wondering if he came back on any plaforms at all since xtube's shutdown
  4. M

    Powermen “Mr. Tool” huge black dick shoots epic loads

    Years ago, Powermen had a model called “Mr. Tool.” He had a massive cock and shot insane loads. Photos here, video clip here. (there was another clip somewhere that showed him shooting/blasting cum and literally hitting the ceiling!) Today, i stumbled upon this clip on twitter and i think...
  5. B

    Rate The Cumshot Above You (small,average,big And Porn Star)

    Let's rate them loads 8870441
  6. E

    Big Guy Cumshoot

  7. E

    Does Anyone Have This Video?

    Does anyone have this video? Performer farsunk23 show on 2021-05-24 12:00, Chaturbate Archive – Recurbate
  8. E

    Hot Military From Twitter

    https://mobile.twitter.com/Obsexvando/status/1411106520624926720 https://mobile.twitter.com/Obsexvando/status/1404958606554976257 https://mobile.twitter.com/calebsroom69/status/1389914071391166473 https://mobile.twitter.com/calebsroom69/status/1386689706755346434...
  9. D

    How To Ejaculate More?

    Hey guys, i'd like to know how to ejaculate more and produce more cumshots. I know there are tons of threads about it, but I have not found something definitive yet. So, what are your personal experiences? How to increase the volume of your ejaculation? And how to shoot farther? Thx!
  10. M

    Big Cumshots From Smaller Dicks

    I’ll have to find some videos to upload for examples, but does anyone else have videos to share? I have seen quite a few smaller dicks that shoot quite the load, which makes up for their smaller size. Sorry if this is a repeat thread but I tried searching with no founds.
  11. F


    I recently stumbled across this stud on Twitter and WOW... what I'd give to twist that throttle!! Anyone subscribed to his OF know if it's worth it? https://twitter.com/uncutmoto/status/1341813968302710785?s=21 https://twitter.com/uncutmoto/status/1338954007201652745?s=21...
  12. G

    Help Id This Cumshooter

    Hey guys, Does anybody know who this hot cumshooting stud is?
  13. 5


    How can there be no thread about him? No one can cum as satisfied as him. He is also a rapper. ThomasTekno (@thomvstekno) | Twitter ThomasTekno (@thomvstekno) profile on Instagram • 1 posts ThomasTekno I really hope that he'll be Tyga 2.0 in future when it comes to the lyrics and sound. That...
  14. 9

    Photos & Videos Arabiandicks.com Niko / Nabih

    HI MATES! I'm looking for anyone who has Nabih Sirajh material, I'd like to see the solo videos. Here is the model
  15. 4

    Looking For Huge Bwc/bbc Show Off Exhibitionist For Me To Worship/admire

    Looking for huge BWC/BBC show off exhibitionist to worship/admire Straight/bi/gay doesn't matter. Love seeing you guys show off your huge meat and shoot your big loads! Fit and big shooters are a plus! Hit me up on kik: psuk88
  16. M

    Looking For A Squirter

    Hi there! It's been my biggest fantasy to one day have sex with a woman who squirts. I think it's the biggest turn on but have never had the fortune to experience it. I love pleasing women and making them cum more than I enjoy being pleased. I've never not made a woman cum using fingers...
  17. M

    Abnormal cumshots/ejaculation

    Question for everyone here... Ive realized that when I edge, my cumshot becomes different. I would say the volume is the same, but instead of shooting out ropes, it streams out almost like im peeing it out. Ive searched all of the internet for info or videos of guys who have this same thing...
  18. 1

    Cock size vs cumshot distance?

    This has no doubt been debated before. But maybe not on lpsg. Do small(er) cocks shoot cum further on average than large cocks?
  19. 1

    When Did You First Realize You Were A Cumshooter? (18+ Only)

    For me it was only in my late 20’s when I learnt how to edge properly and control my orgasms. Before then, I’d cum 2-3x a day, mornings before work, afternoons after bikeride and evenings after gym. I was like a loose cannon, shooting everywhere but never in a proper controlled way. The loads...