curious anal

  1. D

    East Tennessee curious top

    Hello. Recently divorced and looking for someone to experiment with sexually. I’d like to explore bottoming. Looking for masculine and dominant as fuck. Retro_tim is my snap.
  2. D

    Married guys & dildos

    How many married men have used their wives dildo when she’s not around?
  3. str8subjock

    19 M Curious Jock With A Virgin Hole Needs Teaching...

    Need to learn how to serve from a verbal, fit, dom/alpha/daddy type. Only have had sexual experiences with girls IRL. I have toys. Kinks include cum inside, feet/socks, and obviously training my hole to take cock one day. I have skype for C2C and am open to using other video chats. I have...
  4. C

    Video Curiousarrow's Curious Anal Journey

    Hey guys curiousarrow here. So I just started a journey to get my ass filled with a large dildo. I'm a straight guy and thought I would satisfy my curiosity with the world. I'm leaving a video of my journey below. Join me on pornhub! I will create a custom video for one of persons that...