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curious hung

  1. M

    Rubdown for straight guy

    looking to give straight guy a rubdown in Los Angeles, 32 year old here, prefer my age.
  2. F

    Meet In London

    In London, looking to meet up and hang about with other curious, straight lads. I'm easy-going, friendly and horny guy. Let's watch porn, jerk off, mess about...
  3. 4

    Best Bro's Overnight Nympho Girlfriend! (mfm)

    Hi everyone, This is my most recent endeavor at writing erotic fiction. So go easy on me I'm still practically a virgin (when it comes to writing) that is! Part 1 My friend Tyler and I have been best bro's since 5th grade. Moving to a new state and starting a new school in the middle of the...
  4. james hart

    Skype 26 Hung Uncut Uk

    horny 26 uk hung uncut cock for cam on skype add me bigboyuncut
  5. F

    Big Cocks In London - Oct/nov

    Spending some time in London from now until mid November and wouldn't mind meeting up with some blokes for whatever. Send me a PM. I'm in Central London...
  6. james hart

    C2c Skype 26 Hung Uncut

    horny 26 essex lad from UK up 4 fun on skype add me bigboyuncut
  7. F

    London roll call: coming...

    Hey lads, Coming back to London on Saturday 5 Jan for the week. Any straight, curious, bi, hung lads wanna mess about...pm me.