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curious jo

  1. ceejeecee

    Curious Straight Guys?

    New here, but just was wondering if any straight men in LA were curious to vibe or chill or even just chat on here. I have KIK that I dont mind exchanging anonymous texts. It don't gotta be anything too serious either. JO/sext/chat casually/etc. Let me know, would love to be of whatever...
  2. ceejeecee

    Hey! From La

    Hi, new gay guy here. Living in LA, 30 and hispanic. Heard about this community from a friend and looking to get more familiar with it and everyone apart. I've seen some pretty cool forums so far. Also here for some fun if it presents itself ;). Hit me up, say hi, whatever.
  3. mrsaxobeat1991

    Metro Detroit / Skype

    Whats up everyone! Really chill dude here looking to meet cool and fun bros nearby.. we can chill, have a bit of fun.. no judgement.. and nothing crazy. I don't consider myself gay.. as I don't find guys attractive, but I like to JO ALOT.. and it would be fun and hot to do it with a like...