1. D

    Looking for a cyber something

    Married 33 gay guy here, got married at 20 and my husband and I are both on the dom side as far as personality but he’s very vanilla. Looking for an outlet that’s safe and not out right cheating to explore and figure out who I am either through flirtation or conversation. I do perfer video...
  2. C

    Cam fun options?

    So I got booted from skype, not sure why, but don’t feel like creating another account. Are there any other platforms for similar fun? I have hangouts but apparently that’s going away, so I’d love some ideas.
  3. Petepetepte

    18-25 fit snapchat list

    Hey guys! young lad here. since the other snapchat lists seem to be decreasing in seriousness I thought I‘d start a new one for us younger guys :) to me: swiss, 18yo, hung, fit Into: be around my age and fit ;) drop your snaps! dm for mine
  4. D

    Please Be Careful Online!

    Please be careful online. There has been a rise of cyber crimes and cyber attacks. My friend just got her bank accounts wipe out completely because of a cyber hack. 1. Make sure you check that your firewall is on. 2. Perform a security scan for malware If you don’t have a tool for this...
  5. Goldigger

    Id Hung Guy Help

    Hello, could anyone help me to whose that guy's name is please? he is a webcam model
  6. Guay1992

    Exhib Guy With Naked Blog!

    Hi guys - I do have a blog where I post naked content of myself (along with other stuff). Always looking for inspiration for new videos so if you have any idea let me know! Also I live around SF - so if you want to have fun and help me shoot new videos let me know!:) PS link here: Chiappe nude...
  7. S

    Skype Scott3256 Hung Uk Uncut Lad 23

    Skype scott3256
  8. S

    Punishments For A Cyber Slave

    I have a slave that doesn't live close to me but needs to be punished ... who has ideas for good punishments ?
  9. D

    Kik Swap For Chubby / Big Guys

    Anyone interested in personal pic swapping? Add me englishdutchjody or everyone who states their kik