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czech hunter

  1. T

    Video REAL straight guys experimenting (getting head, topping, etc)

    Videos of straight guys (specifically jocks) messing around are super hot to me and I know they are to many people. Unfortunately mainstream studio porn companies know this and created a bunch of shitty fake “straight goes gay” videos with gay pornstars. I don’t like studio porn in general but...
  2. M

    Help me identify Czech Hunter vid

    I found this on myvidster but the link broke and title didnt even say any numbers for vid. Reverse searched and still couldn't find it. Help please
  3. S

    Clubbangboys / Gaybangboys (czech)

    Hi, Does anybody know where to find content from clubbangboys / gaybangboys? Some of the models were featured in other Czech productions as well (Czech Hunter, William Higgins, Str8Hell..), e.g. Jindra Durak/Ryan Cage, Peter Lipnik,.. Thks in advance!
  4. S

    Video Frankfurt Sex Stories

    Hi all, I haven't seen any thread on Frankfurt Sex Stories yet so here it is. Quite a number of their actors are ex-WH/CZ Hunter/.. models, e.g. Thomas Salek, Ivo Kerk, Tobias Malek, Boris Lang, Rick Palmer, Nikol Monak, Ondra Matej, James Huck, Peter Lipnik, Jindra Durak etc. (for search...
  5. M

    Czech Gay Fantasy 5 Model Id

    Anybody know who this is? Seen in Czech gay fantasy 5.
  6. geofinn

    Straight Guys From Czech Hunter

    Any videos where the guys are actually straight? You can tell some of them are straight and just need cash. I say: 152, 283 (a definite) and 321 If you have names/IG handles of any of the CH guys - let me know!!!
  7. 3

    Dirty Scout 37 Actor?

    Does anyone know the actor for Dirty Scout 37 ? Thanks in advance
  8. L

    Photos & Videos Denis Reed

    Hi! I love Denis Reed and I'm creating this thread so we can share FULL sets (not just single images), videos, and useful information. As you may know, he died in a motorcycle accident :/ These are the names he goes by: Boy Toy, Denis (Reed), Denis Read, Denis Red, Denis Reed, Dennis (Reed)...
  9. B

    Czech Hunter 481

    Hi guys, who knows the model from Cz 481? He’s my favourite!!
  10. B

    Czech Hunter 481

    Hi guys, who knows the model from Cz 481? He’s my favourite!!