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  1. M

    Uber Driver / Delivery Guy / Handyman - Any videos with an unexpected encounter

    Hey guys, post any videos / pics / link with any unexpected encounters ;)
  2. F

    A friendly delivery guy

    Ever since the pandemic started, I've worked from home. I live alone in a block of flats and it's generally fine if a bit lonely day to day. We're allowed in our offices twice a week for "networking" but otherwise it's the usual principle: get out of bed, shower, then walk to the living room...
  3. A

    Photos & Videos Sockfoot On Xtube

    Made this thread to find videos and photos of Sockfoot, an account on XTube who often posted videos where he had seduced delivery men and recorded them
  4. H

    Sex With Delivery Guy/drivers/plumbers/hotel Staff/electrician Etc

    I love hearing about these kind of hook ups. For gay experiences, let me know what you've done!
  5. R

    Can't Remember/find This Vidio

    I remember back when Tumblr was the go-to for porn, there was a video which I can't find anymore. The premise of the video was 2 guys who offered to massage and jerk off their Fed-Ex or delivery guy to thank him for delivering their packages so often. He said only if his face isn't shown so a...