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  1. B

    Young Boy

    Well I’m doing an introduction! I’m Aidan. I’m 18 years old, I’m a virgin. My dick is 7.8 inches. I’m a verse. I have an average body nor fat or thin. I’m not a twink or a hunk. I’m into a lot of guys just over the age of 20. Unless you’re a mature guy my age. I don’t really have a type but I...
  2. E

    Hot Calvin Klein Model Id

    Does anybody know who this CK model is? I tried reverse image searching but nothing came up. Here's a link from their website from where I found him: Men’s Jeans | Slim, Straight, and Taper Jeans
  3. S

    Help Throwback Porn

    Hello everyone. I’ve already posted something like this on this site. Every now and then I remember the very first porn video I watched, I’d like to feel like I’ve come full circle finding it again. I watched the video somewhere around 2009-2012 ish. I remember searching on Google something...
  4. S

    Wearing Boxer Shorts With Jeans

    Back in the day I was a professional dancer and as such pulled up and tight in a dance belt was the only way to go. Your bits sticking out considered bad form and for sure the damage to your undercarriage in dance can be painful. The result is I generally wear briefs or boxer briefs. However, I...
  5. Jake1973

    Destroyed Jeans

    Saw a kid (20s I'd guess) in the airport yesterday with giant holes in the front of his jeans from mid thigh to mid shin. So when sitting down his bare knees were sticking out and when standing you could see much of the leg of his black boxer briefs. While we were talking he did a big stretch...