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  1. Thepeephole

    Depression and Wellington, NZ

    Hello. I am an Asian guy who's lived in Welly for a few years now. Mid-30s, with a Masters degree, professional but currently temporarily retired trying to get better and recover from severe clinical depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder secondary to recent trauma. I am looking for...
  2. Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy: Depression! What is it? What could it be?

    I went into therapy well over forty years ago... because of depression and suicidal thoughts. I was 'depressed' during my secondary school years and ended up being prescribed antidepressants... but I never took them because I kept thinking 'how come I'm depressed and Johnny isn't?' I had turned...
  3. BigBadWolf84

    It's Almost Time....

    Yep, it's about that time. So I'm contemplating how I wanna go out. If anyone has any good ideas, please feel free to share. This life stuff is so overrated.
  4. P

    Grindr Is Full Of Snobs

    Am I the only one who has experienced this? I'm not looking for casual sex or any kind of relationship. I'm literally just trying to get to know other lgbt people because all of my friends are generally straight guys. Is it too much to ask people to get to know you at this stage? I'm 31. I'm...
  5. evil1796

    Anxiety..depression, And The End Of Civilization..

    Many of us live with anxiety, depression, maybe both. The last five years exposed so much hate, and division, both political, and social. Add to that a deadly virus that quickly uprooted everything, and there seems plenty to fear. How have you adapted to these uncertain times? Are you hopeful...
  6. J

    Any Other Former Gym-goers Struggling To Find Motivation To Workout At Home?

    I really miss my gym. It’s open (for now) but I’m not comfortable going. Probably won’t be until spring or next summer. I did well working out at home in the warmer weather. Warmup, weights or yoga or the rowing machine. But with the cold weather and teaching all day in our cold and drafty 100...
  7. P

    Not Able To Cum/have An Orgasm (mental Health)

    Hey! So I've suffered with depression for quite awhile now. For the last few months, I've not even been able to get hard without medicinal aid. And even then, I could jerk off for the 3/4 hours and not even climax. I'm gay. I've talked to guys online, exchanged pics and watched porn that would...
  8. D

    Not Good Enough

    Hi Everyone, Serious topic. After some self reflection, I'm realizing that I tie a lot of my self esteem to my penis size and sexual performance. I've had an ex who was emotionally abusive and laid a lot of our relationship problems on the fact that she didn't enjoy sex with me and she...
  9. deepvoicedan

    Mental Health And Our Base Needs

    I have suffered with depression, anxiety and low self esteem my whole life. As I've gotten older and have been through difficult periods with my mental health, I've started to notice patterns in how I behave or feel. When I'm depressed I become much more basic: for example, my sexual urges...
  10. dongalong

    Your Relationship With Your Ego

    This is how I define ego: The ego is the image you create of yourself after interacting and collecting feedback from the physical world. It is your brain's version of self and often controls your emotions, your feelings and can be both protective and agressive, controlling thought patterns and...
  11. L

    Trintellix & libido

    I've been on Trintellix for around three years, though not always consistently. I've built up to 20mg a day, and stopped suddenly with pretty horrible effects, then built back up and worked with my doctor to wind me down. That still didn't work, so I'm back on 10mg until I can see her again...