1. badchick1

    Lukas Witte (Charming Couple Kandidat)

    Lukas war bei der Tv Sendung Charming Couple Staffel dabei. Er hat da bei der Show auch mehrmals unter der Decke Blowjobs gegeben. Wie findet ihr ihn?
  2. B

    Bushido (German Rapper)

    he's so hot... is there more?
  3. R

    New Asian Twinkboy in Munich.

    Hi! I'm happy to be here. It seems like an over all good community and wanted to know if there are also other guys here from Munich ☺️... I hope I can befriend some of y'all and well Nice to meet you all and Servus!
  4. B

    German Reality Tv

    There are some really hot reality stars and a lot of nudity on german reality tv who are your favorites?
  5. Chillmal

    German Guys

    Which German celebrities have nudes leaked online?
  6. J21x6cm

    Er Sucht Sie In Deutschland

    Welche Frau / Paar in Deutschland NRW sucht einen gut gebauten single Mann. 21x6cm nur für Sie