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    Fusion Cam Dice Game - V2

    Following the popular Fusion Cam Dice Game, created by justaskesx and player "XXX" link here, and, after playing the original game a lot, I want to present my version. Please contact me on kik or send a pm if you have any suggestions. Thank you again to the creators of the original game. In...
  2. R

    Snapchat Strip Dice Game

    I'm going to roll a dice. First roll determines how many rounds we play. Subsequent rolls determine how many items of clothing you take off. I could roll two 1's and just get your socks. Or I could roll a 6 on the first and get multiple chances to strip you bare. If you want to play leave...
  3. N

    Kik - Dice Dare Game

    Dice Dare on KIK I will roll for each section and then you will complete the required step based on your roll, sending the photos to your master. Then you may move on to the next round. If you roll for a section and refuse to provide what is required of you, the master can freely distribute...