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  1. 1

    Lower Belly Fat

    Looking for some advice here. I was always a skinny kid and now as an adult I’ve become “skinny fat” where I’m mostly skinny but have an unfortunate spare tire around my mid section that sticks out. I’m not exactly an active person and try to eat fairly healthy. Any advice on diet and exercise...
  2. Shofixti

    The Keto Diet Thread

    Hey forum, I'm in week three of adapting to the keto diet and I thought I'd pool some resources here and see if there's any new or fresh opinions and insights. Jeff Nippard - finds no real differences in diets, just choose the one you can maintain long term Interview with Dom D'Agustino about...
  3. 9

    Plant Based Diet & Erection Quality

    Anyone here switch to a vegan/plant based diet and notice any difference in the quality/quantity of erections? I was chatting with a guy in his early 40s and he said since he's made the switch he's spontaneously popped boners like he did in high school. Also, the documentary "The Game Changers"...