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  1. goldscorpguy

    The Dildo Dilemma

    Despite having quite a nice collection of realistic cock toys, I sometimes find myself looking at everyday objects in a different light. I've fucked my ass with everything from electric toothbrushes to hairbrush handles, from vacuum cleaner nozzles to gardening tools. I once went into a very...
  2. FleshlightMouth

    Video New Video With Three Huge Dildos

    These guys kept me sane during those times of distancing without real-world hookups. Just posted it in my video gallery, hope you like https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/videos/fleshlightmouth-feat-the-three-amigos.7153981/
  3. A

    Assplay C2c Skype Group

    Hot C2C skype group for assplayers. Join conversation
  4. 4

    Matt Stiel Is A Fucking Pig

    lives in Tampa, FL. Cam shows perfomer