dirty chat

  1. L

    Snapchat sexting no video

    Is Anyone interested in doing some sexting on Snapchat?
  2. CranberryField

    The way he looks at you in bed

    I just wanna make a thread for people to share their cute yet a bit dirty love stories. Like one moment, you could tell that the guy rlly falls for you by the way he looks at you in bed. All the sweet moments of couples maybe glistening with some dirty jokes between the two. It’s just so...
  3. D

    Show me your cock?? Flood my Snapchat with dick.

    Heteroflexible and horny as fuck. HMU. @johnjonzz23
  4. E

    Dirty Snapchat group

    Hey guys looking to start a dirty snap group for people to show off and jerk together. Drop your snaps below and I’ll add people and create the group
  5. P.B

    The noisy cummers thread

    OK lads, do you make some noise when you cum or are your orgasms silent but violent? I'm a noisy wanker/fucker because it's a part of my personality I can't control. I'm nearly always "Vocal" but my body makes me make different kinds of noises depending on the pleasure I'm getting. If I'm...
  6. O

    Straight chat

    Ive searched for a year now and found next to nowhere for guys or girls into straight porn and live c2c solo/stroke/wank/fap to meet and connect. Even the few forums where this seems available restrict links or go nowhere when you attempt searching for someone who will do more than message for a...
  7. B

    Looking To Chat With Size Queens

    Looking for (female) Size Queens to exchange messages and discuss fantasies etc. I am a well-hung aussie, 33yo and open-minded/fun - am a verified member, 100% legit. Shoot me a message and lets chat. Also open to jumping on cam and showing off, love to be watched. *Not looking for guys...
  8. D

    Dirty Insta Dms

    Anybody like sending dirty dms on Instagram? Always fantasized about having a little pm fun on there.