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dirty tony

  1. B

    Danny Stretches Fabian’s Hole

    Danny Stretches Fabian’s Hole is one of my favorites. Mainly because of how much I love huge, handsome, muscle man, Kevin Falk (Danny) and how his size is accentuated when compared to the much smaller AJ Irons (Fabian). But I’ve always had questions about it. Beginning around 1:37, Kevin asks...
  2. F

    Jakobee (All American Heroes AAH, DirtyTony?)

    I'm trying to find anything on "Jakobee" Internet Adult Film Database The links on the original websites don't work; looks like the sites were abandoned years ago. I've found some abbreviated preview vids, but that's it. videos, names, links, .... I'll take whatever I can get.
  3. Greyjoy_Dick

    Timo Swift

    Does anyone remember Timo Swift? He was a model on Active Duty or All American Heroes as well as Dirty Tony. I wonder what he’s up to these days since like 10 years ago or so. Does he still make porn?
  4. austinrydell

    Dirtytony - Who Is Tony?

    Does anyone else have a huge porn crush on Tony from DirtyTony? I’ve never seen his face, but his voice and body are amazing in my opinion. The only thing I could find, was that he was supposedly a Playgirl model in the 90’s. Does anyone have any idea where those pics may be? And does anyone...